Teaching English

I have been teaching English since my university studies, i.e. since 1995, when I was working for one of the language schools n Brno. After graduating from university I organized my own English classes. As the interest of the general public and companies in learning English exceeded my possibilities, I hired other tutors and thus the language school entitled IONA centrum, s.r.o. came into existence (www.iona.cz). Now I mostly use my long-standing experience in teaching English to train tutors in the language school. In 2007 - 2008 I completed a course for the prestigious Cambridge University Diploma of English Language Teaching to Adults - DELTA (MA equivalent), which provided me with expertise in modern trends in teaching English.
I apply my knowledge and skills as a director of studies at the language school, as the oral examiner for Cambridge ESOL - YLE (Young Leaners) and BEC (Business English Certificates) modules. Since late 2012 I have cooperated with Cambridge ESOL at the position of the communication and marketing consultant for the Czech Republic.